15 Tips to Remove Acne Scars Naturally


1) Using Lemon Juice

It is a great thing that removes acne scar just in few days. Using it on the affected area can heal quickly. You have to keep one thing in mind that using lemon juice should be applied with soft cotton ball that must not be dirty.


2) Moisturize Your Skin

It is very pity to say that many of us think that by washing face over and over again is a source of having fair skin, not at all for the reason that it makes our skin drier which causes irritation. Try to apply some oily product just after washing face is good.


3) Yogurt

It reduces scar and it has also been known to whiten your face. It should be applied in the morning, wait for a few minutes then wash your face with water that must be cool.


4) Drinking Water

If you feel like drinking lots of glasses of water every day, your skin will become attractive and you will see flourishing look in your personality. It has been proven that water is toxin killer and at least 8 glasses of water must be drunk within 24 hours. Thus, acne scar will be banished for good.


5) Egg Whites

It is very simple to use it; take a cotton ball and dip it in egg white in order to apply on your face. As a result, you will not have appearance of scars.


6) Olive Oil

It is the best natural thing which reduces acne spots, refreshes your skin, takes dirt away and by its massage your blocked pores are opened. The block pores may cause much acne.


7) Ice Cube

It is your fortune if you are willing to use it on your face, it makes you like an English rose with tightened skin. Gently rub on the whole face and applying in the afternoon is good.


8) Coconut Oil

Applying coconut oil is ever such soothing for your skin for the reason that it is a great source to stop acne. Massage well about 3 to 5 minutes on the areas which are affected. Doing this twice a day is very convenient.


9) Turmeric

It is better to use its paste, do not forget to add coconut oil and gram flour and a pinch is pretty good for this. Mix it about a minute and paste will be ready. Apply it on face and rub it for 15 minutes then wash it with water.


10) Honey

It is the most effective treatment which is used, especially for removing acne scar. Its mask can be used too.


11) Alum

The powder of alum is an extremely good source for the purpose of targeting your acne. It is good to know that it is easily available that is inexpensive too. Its use is a good thing that removes acne and reduces its scar.


12) Cucumber

It is extremely good to solve scar problem. It is said that careful people go for this if having this issue.


13) Low Fat Foods

If you eat low fat foods, you will not have acne and its scar for the reason that eating foods which are high in fat can harm you in this case.


14) Tomato

Its slices are really helpful to lighten your face and reduce scar. Gently rub them on the surface that is affected. In no time, you will see less spots.


15) Flaxseed Oil

Apply this on the affected dead skin to freshen it. It is very good to remove acne and has proven good for reducing scar.